Neon Artist: Jeroen Gordijn, The Netherlands, november 29, 1968

I grew up with an interest in archeology, history and architecture and collected medieval and archeological objects, to fill my curiosity cabinets. I chose objects on their representation of life, symbols of their function.

After finishing elementary school I entered the ‘Graphical High School’ in Utrecht to pursue an education as graphic designer. There I quickly learned that their very theoretical approach was too restricting for my artistic development, so I left and tried to self-educate through a more hands-on learning trajectory and started restoring old historic vehicles and weapons while still collecting my objects.

In 1999 I changed course again and applied for job opening as a glassblower for neon signs, where I started as an apprentice to in bending neon glass , a craft which is based on glassblowing techniques going back to ancient times, combined with latter day chemistry.

Since then I practice my craft as a highly specialized restorer for renowned neon artists, amongst whom Navid Nuur.

During my further development as an artist I also worked as a goldsmith, practicing the art of small scale subtlety.

And now I can call myself a ‘Master’ practicing my art as through a symbiosis of high tech chemistry with the classic glassblowing techniques: an artist in my own right; a ‘Neoniste’

My work may be looked upon as an “illumination” of my world, as my mark on the objects from my environment.